Hospitality Logistics

Hospitality Logistics

At Global Gateway Logistics, we handle all your hospitality logistics project complexities so you can focus on creating an exceptional experience for your customers. Our industry knowledge has allowed us to develop efficient solutions for the smooth delivery of your hotel and resort furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E). We maintain global partnerships with key supply chain players to give you a competitive advantage and affordable pricing.

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Our Project Logistics Services

The full range of services we provide addresses the complexities and nuances of global-scale hospitality renovation and construction projects. Your end-to-end solution can include any combination of our expert capabilities to suit your needs entirely.

Logistics Project Management

Our team employs a proactive approach when managing your project. We’ve seen numerous industry changes and fluctuations during our years of experience, allowing us to build strategies that identify risks and prevent them from occurring. When issues inevitably arise, our experts will respond swiftly and leverage their problem-solving skills, thus ensuring your shipments get back on track.

Working with us grants you control over your entire project, no matter its size or scale. We closely communicate with you and all parties involved throughout the process, so you’re never left wondering about its status. We’ll handle everything from initial strategy design to accurate delivery, including installation scheduling and coordination.

FREIGHT Transport

When renovating or building new properties, on-time delivery of your FF&E is of utmost importance. Our team works with global freight carriers to find the best routes at the best prices. We specialize in the following freight forwarding services:

  • International Air Transport: Wherever your shipment is headed, our team will handle it all, from containers to customs clearance and everything in between.
  • International Ocean Transport: Steamships do the brunt of the import-export business. Our team will coordinate your cargo’s international transport with utmost efficiency.
  • Ground Transport: Whether FTL (Full Container Load) or LTL (Less Than Container Load), we’ll work to ensure your essential furniture, fixtures, and equipment arrive undamaged and on time.
  • Rail Transport: The interconnecting rail systems throughout the United States can transport heavy FF&E loads at greater volumes for an affordable price. We’ll coordinate your cargo’s departure, transport, and arrival.


As your hospitality logistics partner, our goal is to optimize your supply chain and trailblaze your future advantage. As such, we’ll analyze your current strategies and indicate discrepancies so that you’ll be prepared for whatever the market throws your way. We understand that your project is complex and requires numerous moving parts. That’s why we advise you throughout the process and help implement innovative solutions.

How Our Hospitality Supply Chain Experts Can Help

Our logistics professionals will work directly with you to keep your hospitality logistics project on time and on budget. We possess the knowledge and skill needed to coordinate the transportation, delivery, and installation of your essential items effectively so you can focus on guest satisfaction. We’re an extension of your team, so your success is ours. We’re dedicated to the partners we serve and put your customers’ needs first.

We’re a small team making a big impact. Our focus on customer service means you’ll never be left wondering what’s happening behind the scenes. No matter your project’s scope, location, or budgetary constraints, you can be confident that we will work toward the smooth and timely delivery of your critical items. We’ll leverage our data and analysis to create a hospitality logistics solution that addresses your every need.

streamline your hospitality logistics today

At Global Gateway Logistics, we’re not here to tell you how to coordinate your hospitality logistics project. Instead, we listen to your needs and formulate a strategy to ensure your FF&E are transported, delivered, and installed according to schedule. As a result, you’ll rest easy knowing that issues will be addressed, risks mitigated, and stakeholders satisfied. If you’re ready to streamline your hospitality logistics, let’s chat! We look forward to discussing your needs.



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