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Air Freight Shipping

At Global Gateway Logistics, it’s our mission to provide outstanding supply chain and logistics solutions to our clients. When your critical shipments need to arrive at their destination quickly, international air is the best solution. Our experts stay up to date with the local, regional, and global market conditions, as well as the latest air freight trade lanes, so rest assured that your cargo will be transported in the most efficient way. Contact us today to create an international air freight strategy that best suits your needs.

Air Freight Services

The supply chain and logistics industry is constantly evolving. That’s why we continuously monitor trends, perform analysis, and stay in tune with industry insights. Our goal is to provide you with the ideal solution for your needs, both today and in the future. Wherever your shipment is heading, our extensive experience ensures reliability and security for end-to-end support.

When you choose Global Gateway Logistics, you receive a team of international air freight experts that put you first. Whether you require next-flight-out service or can wait four to five days, our trusted air freight options make certain your goods are delivered where and when you need them – all within your budget and time constraints.

Customs Clearance

The laws regarding customs clearance and compliance can seem overwhelming and complicated, especially when you’re navigating them on your own. What’s worse, should your shipment experience a delay or penalty, your bottom line is greatly impacted. As your partner in global customs, we work with you while staying on the front lines of customs compliance. Gone are the days of worrying about interruptions or surprises on your cargo’s route – leave it in the hands of the experts.

Air Freight Consolidation

Our consolidated air freight services allow you to take advantage of cost-effective solutions for shipments that do not completely fill a container. Rather than paying for an entire container that will have empty space, we work with our partners to consolidate, or combine, shipments from multiple senders to cut costs and reduce damage. The result is a timely and affordable solution for all parties involved.

Types of International Air Cargo

Air cargo takes a variety of forms, whether the shipment be critical or routine. Different regulations apply for each type of cargo; therefore, it’s critical to understand how they vary. A reliable freight forwarding company not only knows the rules and regulations, but also guides their clients through the process.



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  • General goods

    It’s our goal at Global Gateway Logistics to educate our clients in all aspects of their custom logistics strategy, including what type of cargo they’re wishing to transport. Items such as hardware, toys, clothing, textiles, electronics, and other consumer goods are considered general cargo in air freight, since they do not require extra precaution and care. Therefore, they are not as heavily regulated as the other class of goods: dangerous cargo.

    dangerous goods

    Dangerous goods are defined as substances or articles that are capable of posing a risk to health, safety, property, or the environment. Goods that are categorized as dangerous, such as pharmaceuticals and e-cigarettes, are highly regulated. Improperly shipping dangerous goods can be costly to your reputation, your finances, and your ability to ship. Specific procedures must be followed closely for proper documentation, package marking and labeling, and shipment handling.

    In addition to following all processes while shipping dangerous goods, it’s important to understand the responsibilities of each party involved. As complex as the procedures may be, you are not alone. Our years of experience in the industry have allowed us to fully understand the ins and outs of all rules and regulations. We’ve developed reliable, proven strategies for numerous clients, and we’ll do the same for you.

    Types of Containers Used

    Another key piece of your international air freight solution is determining which type of container will be used. The goal is to boost efficiency and reduce costs while taking into account the shipment’s dimensions and route. The options available include:

    • Air cargo pallets: Flat pallets that are fitted to the main deck of an aircraft and are secured with a net
    • Contoured air cargo containers: Semi-structured containers with one side open that’s either protected by a net or fiberglass
    • Lower deck containers: Completely enclosed shipping containers made specifically for lower decks of planes
    • Box type containers: With easily handled and rated units, box type containers are used to consolidate shipments


    Shipping goods via air requires complex interactions between several key players. We handle all stages of the international air freight process for you, communicating with our partners and ensuring your goods are delivered in a timely manner. You’ll never be left wondering the status of your shipments, because we are an extension of your team.

    With Global Gateway Logistics, you can mix and match your air freight services for an entirely customized solution. Just as no two businesses are the same, so too do their shipping needs differ. The custom solutions we offer allow you to tap into our expertise and streamline your entire global supply chain at competitive rates. Our strong, mutually beneficial relationships with carriers ensure your goods are delivered efficiently end-to-end, so you can focus on what matters most – running a successful business.

    Get Started With Your Air Freight Logistics Today

    There’s no better time than now to meet deadlines and customer expectations. Securing the space and route you need is easier when you have a reliable freight forwarding partner. Centrally located in St. Louis, MO, our team of supply chain experts at Global Gateway Logistics is dedicated to ensuring your shipments depart and arrive on time. We’re here to help you minimize risk and maximize performance in the ever-changing supply chain industry. Let’s work together to reach your shipping goals – request a free quote today to get started.